Top Ten Tips for Taking Car Finance


You’ve found your dream wheels, now to get that thing! Keep a level head, take your time and follow these guidelines to make sure you get the best deal for your situation.

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2018981. Can you afford it? Write out a budget for your weekly fixed living costs including your car repayments against your net income.  Make sure you have room to move in case of unexpected life events such as having to move house or if you need to take time off work. Remember to include any existing debts and insurance. If you factor in a safety net then you won’t be over-committed and put unnecessary pressure on yourself or risk losing your vehicle Continue reading

Protecting Life’s Most Important Assets

insurance1-437x236Are you and your family protected for life’s unexpected challenges? Life is full of risks and dangers but there are ways to have your family fully protected should the unexpected occur.

Here is some advice from Financial Advisors Brisbane Continue reading