The Difference Between Bikini, G-string and Brazilian Waxing.

The difference between bikini, G-string and Brazilian waxing.

So you need to de-fuzz, you look at the wax menu and get more confused than before you started, which wax should you go for and is waxing even the best option for hair removal these days?

Article provided by Skin Candy Spray Tanning/ Sugar Waxing Salon Brisbane

Basically the names of waxes relate to how much hair is removed when you are wearing the type of bottom they are named after.


Classic bikini bottom all hair outside of the pant and a little hair underneath but not as far as the bottom. It gives a groomed look but still with the majority of all pubic hair still firmly in place.  Basically well groomed, but still full bush.


G-string waxing, like the name, starts to creep in and all this hair is removed. As the line of the g-string is small at the base and goes to the bottom, say goodbye to the hair as well! Including your bottom, it all goes down there too!

Next the full Monty, the Brazilian!

A Brazilian wax leaves nothing to the imagination; all hair is removed from the front and back. Super smooth and an empowering experience, once you go Brazilian you will be hooked!

Jodi - LOW - 09When you say hair on the bottom is removed, do you mean on the bum cheeks? Well if you have hair on the bum cheeks, hair removal of that is normally an add on service, hair removal of the bottom during a g string and Brazilian wax involves turning on your side, or sometimes getting on all fours, or pulling your legs to your chest while lying flat on your back. Whatever method is up to your therapist and what they find the easiest and best way. Then when you are in the position, hot wax is applied to your bottom around the anus to remove all the hair in between your bum cheeks. You will be asked to assist but holding cheeks in different positions so that the therapist can apply the wax.  Some people don’t like having their bottoms down, however if you are getting a G-string or Brazilian, it will actually feel weird leaving hair on your bottom after the majority of the hair at the front has been removed. Don’t be shy to ask for your bottom down if your therapist doesn’t offer. Some young or inexperienced therapists feel embarrassed asking clients or doing this area. However you are paying for the service and it is apart of the wax procedure, so you are entitled to have it done!

So now that you know the three most popular waxes, is waxing still the best hair removal method? Well on either side in cost and efficiency, there is shaving and IPL or laser hair removal. Shaving is cheap, not effective, and itchy and causes the hair to be cut off resulting in it appearing thicker when it grows back (it actually isn’t but the way it is cut with the razor, it cuts it off – like grass). Waxing is cost effective, done monthly and as the hair is removed from the root, when the hair grows back it is a tapered, thinner hair rather than the thicker

appearance of blunt shaved hair. On the higher scale, is laser hair removal, the most expensive option and while effective if done over numerous sessions it does need to be topped up yearly, also laser works better on certain types of hair so there is no guarantee that it will be work on everyone on a certain number of sessions – or that results will be achieved quickly. The money has to be laid out and you just have to wait and see your results. Waxing – is suitable for all skin types and all hair types and with hair removed from the roots, guaranteed results every time on the day of the treatment.

Pain is often one of the biggest oppositions that we hear towards waxing, however if you therapist is experienced, uses a high quality wax and purpose designed pre and post wax oils and lotions, waxing should really be a quick and relatively pain free experience.

You can also reduce the pain before your treatment by planning your waxing for times when your tolerance is naturally higher. For females, never wax in the week or two before your period, the pain is significantly higher. If you do find waxing uncomfortable numbing creams and super market pain relief could assist, however you should discuss these options with your pharmacist or doctor before deciding they are an option for yourself. In fact, as well as for any treatment you plan to improve your health too, in order to avoid issues like adverse effects and following troubles (source: