Roof painting Brisbane

When it comes to restoring a roof in Brisbane a roofing contractor recommends that you should always look for and hire a roof painting & Restoration specialist in your area.

Roof painting is the kind of thing that you could probably do yourself, but you better make sure first of all that all of your insurances and everything are all in place and cover you in case you have a fall. First of all make sure that you have all of the safety equipment required to paint your roof injury free.

Start by inspecting your roof for damage and if required make all the necessary repairs and insure that the roof is fully sealed.
Once you are certain that your roof is fully sealed and all the repairs have been carried out, you can then start to wash the roof using a high-pressure water blaster.

Once the roof is fully dry it is time to start applying the roofing paint. Be sure to instal and use a commercial grade roofing paint such as Terrystopcoats. Home – Terry’s Topcoats (

A top quality roofing paint will come with a set of instructions which need to be adhered to rigorously. The roofing paint will usually come with a multiple step system of applying the roofing paint to a roof.
In most cases it will be suggested to spray the paint onto the surface of the roof but you can also apply it by brush. Make sure that you choose the correct colour as once you paint your roof it’s pretty hard to undo a colour.

Step by step roof painting.

Apply the paint evenly over the surface of the roof to ensure that every part of the roof is covered with an even coat of paint.
A professional roofing service will apply the paint using a spray-gun. Using a spray-gun makes it easier to ensure that you apply and even coating of the roof paint to your roof.
Once you have applied the undercoat, the colour coats and then the finishing or sealing coat.

In most cases painting your roof every decade also should insure that your roof stays in tiptop shape. Painting your roof will improve the look of your home and also add value to the resale value of your property.
Painting your roof is probably worth making the investment by hiring a roof painting professional in Brisbane.
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