Theragun Percussion Massager

The Theragun is the worlds most effective massage gun.

The Theragun percussion massager is the worlds leading sports recovery device. Theragun Australia says that the device needs only to be applied to sore muscles for minutes, compared to to other massagers in its league.

Revolutionary Concept

The Theragun is revolutionary in the sense that it requires no more than several minutes application to sore and stressed muscles. Many athletes from amateur to professional alike use the Theragun to relive DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) during and after the training sessions. The massager is also used to relieve the soreness and build up of lactic acid in the muscle fibres.

Lactic acid build up occurs when the muscles are not getting enough oxygen during intense exercise. The lactic acid inhibits various metabolic functions such as glucose breakdown.

Percussion Massage To The Rescue

The Theragun percussion massager vibrates or massages the deep muscle tissue, breaking down lactic acid and forcing blood flow into the sore or damaged muscle fibres. With its high frequency deep tissue massage, the Theragun is able to pinpoint muscles and provide almost instant relief. In the video clip below we see the Theragun percussion massager in action.

The Theragun In Action

Totally Portable

As you can see from the video, the Gun is totally portable and can be recharged so as you can use it any where. it is light weight and fully portable so you can pack it into your back pack or even your luggage to take it almost anywhere your busy lifestyle takes you.

The Theragun comes in a range of models to suit any person who needs recovery from working out or even to relieve the soreness of aching necks and backs.


The Theragun is not cheap, but it will pay for itself in no time by not having to see your massage therapy professional each week. prices range from $349 AUD to $899 AUD for the Theragun Pro. The benefits of using the Theragun can be felt within minutes which is why you can expect such an expense device. The battery life is next level and it has an amplitude of accessories that can also be purchased, such as different massaging attachments.

Technical information

2 External Lithium-ion Batteries
150 minutes each, 300 minutes total

Internal Lithium-ion Battery

The Theraguns internal Lithium-ion power pack boasts a whopping 120-minute total battery life!

Customizable Speed Range

Controlled through the Theragun app.
Enables speeds between
1750-2400 PPMs.
Five Built-In Speeds
Access on device.
1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 PPMs (Pulses Per Minute)

Weight 1,000 grams
Dimensions (22.5 cm) x
(16 cm) x
(7.3 cm)
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty.

So now you know all about the amazing recovery device the Theragun are you going to order one online?

I think that I have been convinced after my research and will defiantly add the Theragun to my post work out arsenal!

Muscle relief in an instant.